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LDARtools Software - LTI Mobile PRO™ Annual License

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Item Number: 1143
LTI Mobile PRO™ encapsulates our years of experience and technical expertise into a powerful suite of utility plugins that enhance your mobile monitoring software. Our unique plugin architecture provides the user with a completely customizable set of tools and features that allow them to monitor safely, efficiently, and accurately. From Technician safety and awareness to tag maintenance and protocol compliance, LTI Mobile PRO™ will ensure that your LDAR program makes the most of the technological breakthroughs that are revolutionizing our industry.


- Requires installation of LTI Desktop Manager - which comes at no cost. 

1. Variable Inspection Times
2. Deflection Response Management
3. Wireless TVA Reignition
4. Certify tag edits privileges by Tech experience
5. Mystery Emission Seam
6. Barcode Support
7. RFID Support
8. Disable Games / Music
9. Display Route(s) for more than one tech
10. Clock / Calendar Control
11. Display Site Protocol Documents
12. Optional display of Previous Monitoring Event

*IMPORTANT:  Price listed is an annual software licensing fee and charged per handheld that software is installed on.

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